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                ME 60.9

                Operating Weight:5850kg    
                Bucket Capacity:0.22m3
                Power:22.7 /2100kW/rpm    44/2200kW/rpm

                Consultation hotline


                More Reliability & Longer Durability

                High Rigidity Work Equipment

                Strengthened Frame Structure and Track

                Worle-class Major Component(Engine,Pump,Motor and Vaule)

                Higher Effciency & Economy

                Low Fuel Consumpption

                Low Emission Engine is EU Stage 3A Certified

                Working Models Selectable

                More comfort & Higher Safety

                Low-noise & Wide Spacious Cab

                Standard Air Conditione

                Rear View Monitor System(optional)


                MODEL ME60.9
                 (T) Operating weight (T) 5.85
                鏟斗容量(m3) Bucket capacity (m3) 0.22
                發動機型號 Engine model lYANMAR 4TNV98
                功率(kw/r/min) Rated power (kw/r/min)     44/2200
                燃油箱容積(L) Volume of fuel tank (L) 100
                行走速度(km/h) Travel speed (km/h) 4.2/2.2
                回轉速度(r/min) Swing speed(r/min) 9.5
                爬坡能力(%) Max climbing degree° 70
                鏟斗挖掘力(KN)  ISO Bucket digging force at power max (KN)  ISO 38.5
                接地比壓(KPa) Average grounding pressure(KPA) 33.5
                工作壓力(MPa) Setting pressure (MPa) 24.8
                液壓油箱容積(L) Volume of hydraulic tank (L) 80


                MODEL ME60.9
                A-總長(mm) A  Overall length (mm) 5960
                B-總寬(mm) B  Overall width (mm) 1960
                C-總高(動臂頂)(mm) C  Overall height to top of boom(mm) 1995
                D-總高(駕駛頂)(mm) D  Overall height to top of cab(mm) 2690
                E-配重離地間隙(mm) E  Counterweight ground clearance (mm) 700
                F-最小離地間隙(mm) F  Min. ground clearance  (mm) 360
                G-尾部回轉半徑(mm) G  Tail swing radius (mm) 1700
                H-履帶接地長度(mm) H  Track grounding length (mm) 2000
                J-履帶長度(mm) J  Track length (mm) 2560
                K-軌距(mm) K  Track gauge(mm) 1560
                L-履帶寬度(mm) L  Track width (mm) 1960
                M-履帶板寬度(mm) M  Track shoe width (mm) 400
                N-轉臺寬度(mm) N  Turntable width (mm) 1906


                MODEL ME60.9
                O-最大挖掘高度(mm) O  Max. digging height (mm) 5750
                P-最大卸載高度(mm) P  Max. dumping height (mm) 3980
                Q-最大挖掘深度(mm) Q  Max. digging depth (mm) 3860
                R-最大垂直壁挖掘深度(mm) R  Max. vertical wall digging depth (mm) 3040
                T-最大挖掘距離 T  Max. digging reach (mm) 6170
                U-在地平面的最大挖掘距離(mm) U  Max.digging reach at ground level  (mm) 6045
                V-最小回轉半徑(mm) V  Min. swing radius  (mm) 2380
                W-最小回轉半徑時最大高度(mm) W  Max. height at min swing radius (mm) 4395
                X-回轉中心至后端部的距離(mm) X Distance from swing center to rear (mm) 1700
                Z-配重高度(mm) Z  Height of counterweight (mm) 1685
                A1-接地長度(運輸時)(mm) A1 Grounding length (in transportation) (mm) 3370
                斗桿長度(mm) Arm length (mm) 1630
                動臂長度(mm) Boom length (mm) 3000